To whom should I report App bugs?

To report any App bugs please send an email to with screenshots information about your device and operating system. Thank you!

How do I get technical support?

For technical support you can write an email to specifying the devices and operating system you are using. However, we strongly recommend you to join the re.corder Community on Facebook where you can receive support from both Admins and expert re.corder users, exchange opinions on the instrument, share your performances and propose ideas on next developments. See you […]

How can I reduce latency?

BLE midi latency is inherently very low (few milliseconds). Depending on the host platform, the software used and CPU performance, your final latency (midi + audio) may vary. Normally, with most systems, the latency is not noticeable in most situations but might require some adjustments from the player when working in close sync with other […]

How do I turn off the vibrato in the App?

1. Go to ‘Settings’ 2. Select ‘MIDI’ 3. Turn on ‘Advanced Mode’. 4. Select ‘Inclination’. 5. Change the ‘MIDI output’ number to zero. 6. Use the arrows to set the Curve to ‘None’. 7. Send this instruction to the re.corder by holding down the ‘CIRCLE’ button and pressing ‘Save’ on the app screen.For more information […]

How can I make the most of my re.corder?

The re.corder is an instrument suitable for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced musician and the experimenter in electronic music. To get to know and use the full potential of the re.corder we recommend you watch the following video Sixteen Tips for Making the Most of the re.corder!

Which are the response curves available within the re.corder App?

You can find the charts showing the response curves available within the re.corder app in the re.corder Community: The X (horizontal) axis represents total parameter range (0 – 100%). The Y (vertical) axis represents the CC value transmitted (0 – 127).

How can I amplify the sound of my re.corder?

Simply connect the headphone output of your smartphone or tablet with a cable to the AUX input of a speaker. IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid using a speaker connected to Bluetooth as the delay in sound reproduction will not allow you to play correctly!

Can I connect re.corder to my favourite Synth?

You will need an adapter, unless your synth has Bluetooth MIDI in. The re.corder connects only through MIDI over BLE which is a wireless MIDI standard and allows for full wireless MIDI compatibility. Your Synth probably does not read BLE MIDI in but it is likely that your laptop or smartphone will. Both modern versions […]

How should I clean my re.corder?

We recommend to use the cleaning stick included in the box. In general, the normal one-piece flute brush, which consists of a stick covered at the end with a small roll of sponge, is sufficient. A small piece of absorbent sponge can be used to clean the inside of the finger holes. Carry out cleaning […]

Which are the best settings for playing fast passages?

In order to play fast passages on re.corder you may need to make some changes to your playing technique (blowing and tonguing) and also make some changes to the settings in the app. PLAYING TECHNIQUES – BLOWING AND TONGUING These are key to playing fast. 1. BLOWING Play each phrase on a single breath and […]