To whom should I report App bugs?

To report any App bugs please send an email to with screenshots information about your device and operating system. Thank you!

How do I get technical support?

For technical support you can write an email to specifying the devices and operating system you are using. However, we strongly recommend you to join the re.corder Community on Facebook where you can receive support from both Admins and expert re.corder users, exchange opinions on the instrument, share your performances and propose ideas on next developments. See you […]

How do I restore the default settings in the app?

Currently there is no reset button in the app, so if you want to restore the initial settings you have to do it manually. The following are the DEFAULT SETTINGS you need to restore: Sensitivity threshold= standard (try ‘low’ if you feel like you’re blowing too much) speed= 80 MIDI Ch= 1 Pressure curves= linear (try ’embedded1′ […]

Why I cannot turn off the re.corder?

If the blue led is steady on and when you touch the RECTANGLE or TRIANGLE button the green led blinks, it means that the re.corder is still connected to something, so it will not turn off. Try to disconnect it from the App in Settings > Devices or turn off the bluetooth on your smartphone […]

Why can’t I get the notes out of the re.corder?

When playing re.corder in digital mode a “clean” fingering it is definitely needed. But don’t worry, you’ll get used very quickly! It is important to keep the fingers of the right hand away from the touch sensors. So you will have to get used to not touching the D5 or C5 or B5 by keeping […]

Every time I open the App a download starts. What’s wrong?

As soon as the app is installed, the soundbank is downloaded. Please wait for the download to complete before closing the application! On the pairing process: place and hold your thumb on the “circle” button before and during connection.